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Monacor SPH-5M, hi-fi bass-midrange speaker, 80 WMax, 40 WRMS, 8 Ω

  • High-quality hi-fi bass-midrange speaker of long excursion
  • Dampened low-resonance polypropylene cone
  • Robust diecast aluminium basket of an attractive design with a 6-hole screw connection
  • Magnetic system with drilled pole core and protruding rear pole plate
  • For general applications in compact bass-reflex, TML and closed speaker systems
  • Very well-suited also as a midrange speaker in 3-way speaker systems
Cena: 32,95€

Monacor SP-5/8, miniature speaker, 12 WMAX, 6 WRMS, 8 Ω

  • For standard applications
  • Sound pressure from approx. 250 Hz up to the high range
Cena: 2,95€

Monacor SP-272/8, universal full range speaker, 7 WMAX, 5 WRMS, 8 Ω

  • Dual cone
  • For all PA purposes
  • Especially for multiple arrangements in column speakers
Cena: 5,95€

Monacor DT-300, hi-fi dome tweeter, 100 WMAX, 50 WRMS, 8 Ω


For extra high dynamic power also in case of low crossover frequencies. An ideal solution with excellent brilliant sound at the same time.

  • 30 mm silk cone
  • Low resonant frequency
  • Excellent dynamic response and a high stability even with low crossovers
  • Ferrofluid of high liquidity for a fine brilliance
  • Especially suitable for high-performance applications and D'Appolito arrangements in the top hi-fi range
Cena: 17,95€

Monacor DT-140, hi-fi dome tweeter, 80 WMAX, 40 WRMS, 8 Ω

  • 25 mm (1") tweeter with silk dome
  • Even beaming due to waveguide combined with 5" to 6.5" bass-midrange speakers
  • Neodymium magnetic system with heat sink
  • Very low stray magnetic field
Cena: 13,95€